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Thrive it Forward

  • Thrive Family Practice has a 'Thrive-It-Forward' fund allowing patients who are unfunded or underfunded to contribute payment towards their visit. All funds are from the community via donations or Art Sales from our office.

  • Thrive offers Community Forums through these funds. Some Forums we offer:

    • Intro to Adulting/Adulting 101

    • Women & Aging: WTF?!

      • this is a "no-holds-barred" approach to all the amazing things that we encounter as we cross into the realm of perimenopause and menopause...which starts at 35 (I know, we were shocked too!) 

    • LGBTQ+ Community Builder 

      • Ain't No Party Like the LGBTQ+ Party

    • Stress Management: 

      • These forums are tailored to community groups and cover topics like: navigating substance abuse, coping mechanisms, tools to manage stress and other lemons life throws at us, 

    • Mental Health 101: What is mental health and how do you maximize yours? 

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