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Mark Your Calendars... New Mental Health Program!

Summer Stress Reduction Group for Teens

Stress is a common complaint among teens - we hear about it every day from parents, teachers, and family members.

Thrive is excited to offer a four-week stress

reduction group course, with our beloved mental health badass, Nonata A. Calcines, MS,

Who is this for?

Your favorite teenager.

What will I get out of participating in the group?

You will learn about:

Anxiety and how it may be impacting you

Skills to help you cope and manage stressful thoughts or worries

How to give and receive support from others

The strengths you have and how to use them when you are feeling anxious

What is expected of you?

Be willing to try new things

Talk about issues and listen to others in a respectful manner

Keep information about the group members confidential

When are the workshop?

Time: 3:00PM-5:00PM


Friday 8/5/2022

Friday 8/12/2022

Friday 8/19/2022

Friday 8/26/2022

What Does this Cost?

$ 200 for the entire 4-week program

Limited capacity for group cohesiveness: please RSVP to reserve your spot!

More Questions? Email us: info@thrivefamilypractice.com

Call or Email us to reserve your spot for this program.

Tel: 813-345-8320

Email: info@thrivefamilypractice.com

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