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Medical weightloss at Thrive!

Sep 07, 2023
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Need help hitting reset after a funtastic summer?!

Hi, Thrive Fam!! 

Y'all have asked for it and we are delivering! 

Semaglitide is now in "da house" at Thrive! 


Many of you have come to us with your weightloss struggles and we now offer a few tricks or hacks to help you. 


Semaglitide, which is generic for Ozempic & Wegovy, helps boost you weightloss and get you over that hurdle. This medication belongs in the class #GLP1 and #GIP medications? They mimic our body’s natural hormones and can help manage weight in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.  GLP-1 medications work by increasing insulin when our blood sugar is high, slowing digestion, and reducing appetite! Examples include liraglutide (Victoza, Saxenda) and #semaglutide (#Ozempic, #Wegovy). There’s also exciting research on dual and triple agonist medications that target GLP-1, GIP, and other #hormones. These #medications aim to give us the benefits of multiple hormones for better blood sugar control and weight loss. 

What are your hurdles? 

  • Menopause?
  • Plateau? 
  • Your COVID weight gain?
  • Fatigue?Bring it to us....consults are free and we have a plan for every budget!