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Walk-Ins Welcome!!!!

Oct 19, 2023
We have a schedule for all your needs...

(In the best Justin Timberlake's, "I'm Bringing Sexy Back") We are bringing Walk-ins back...


Its a Monday and you feel like $$$HHHH?! 

Woke up feeling some way?!

We are opening a couple of hours each day to accomadate for life's little surprises. If you, or one of your fam, fall into this situation...no questions asked just come on in!! 

We see all ages, newborn and up! 

Do you have a My-Thrive Membership?! The world is your oyster, and depending on your membership level, you would be Fast-Passed to the front of the line!!


Shakisha's Walk-In hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am through 2 pm

Trish's Walk-In Hours: Mondays & Fridays 12 pm through 2 pm 

Call us! 813-345-8320