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Aesthetics services offered in Land O' Lakes, FL

If you wish to age gracefully using nonsurgical and minimally invasive aesthetics, Trish Trnka-Stone, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, and the team at Thrive Family Practice in Land’ O Lakes, Florida, is here to help. The team offers a wide selection of aesthetic treatments to enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence. To learn more about aesthetics, call the welcoming office or schedule an appointment online today.

What are aesthetics?

Aesthetics are cosmetic procedures tailored to your beauty goals and skin health. Aesthetic treatments can reduce common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines or other skin imperfections you may have.

Aesthetic procedures offer dramatic anti-aging results without surgery or extensive downtime. Thrive Family Practice can tighten loose skin, reduce the appearance of aging skin, and even out your skin tone to take years off of your appearance.

As an LGBTQ-owned and operated practice, the team at Thrive Family Practice welcomes all individuals to come as they are. They work closely with you, tailoring your treatment plan to fit your unique set of aesthetic needs. 

What types of aesthetics are available?

Thrive Family Practice uses various aesthetic tools and techniques to enhance your natural beauty. You may benefit from: 

Body contouring 

Body contouring refers to cosmetic interventions that aim to help you achieve your body shape goals. With advances in aesthetic tools and technology, health care providers can have access to nonsurgical body contouring tools that improve your physique — without surgery or extensive recovery time.

Thrive Family Practice uses technology from truSculpt® ID for their body contouring treatments. 

This innovative tool, equipped with monopolar radiofrequency (RF), can target and destroy the unwanted fat cells under your skin. Your body then removes the destroyed fat cells over time, improving the shape of the treated area.

You can treat several areas of your body, including your:

  • Thighs 
  • Buttocks 
  • Upper arms 
  • Abdomen 
  • Back 
  • Hips 
  • Jawline
  • Chin

Body contouring treatments take about an hour and require no downtime. Thrive Family Practice may recommend a series of sessions to get the best results.

Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation involves aesthetic techniques to improve the appearance and health of your skin. 

The team utilizes Secret™ Pro technology, which combines fractional CO2 and radiofrequency microneedling, to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. 

Skin rejuvenation treatments at Thrive Family Practice can help improve several aesthetic concerns, including: 

  • Stretch marks 
  • Sun spots
  • Acne scars 
  • Large pores
  • Skin laxity and texture 
  • Dull skin 

After skin rejuvenation, your skin may be a little red, swollen, and tender, but these side effects don’t last long. Over time, as skin cells regenerate, you can reap the benefits of tighter, younger-looking skin and improved self-confidence.

PRP injections

Platelet-rich plasma, also commonly known as PRP, uses growth factors from your own blood to promote natural skin healing. The team at Thrive Family Practice uses PRP to stimulate hair growth.

They may also combine PRP with other aesthetics to maximize the benefits of treatment. These aesthetic treatments can help improve the color, tone, and overall quality of your skin.

To see if you can benefit from aesthetics, call Thrive Family Practice or schedule an appointment online today.