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Weight Loss services offered in Land O' Lakes, FL

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity is common, with 1 in 3 adults in the United States experiencing some form of obesity. Trish Trnka-Stone, FNP-C, and the Thrive Family Practice team can support your journey with the latest tools, like semaglutide, a generic form of brands like Ozempic®and Wegovy®, to help you lose weight. Additionally, their team provides nutrition and exercise support with weekly follow-ups. Call the Land O' Lakes, Florida, office today or reserve online with the booking tool to schedule an appointment.

How does weight loss work?

Weight loss refers to a physical reduction in your total body weight, which often results from fat loss in healthy adults. Traditionally, weight loss occurs by putting your body in a caloric deficit, meaning you burn more total calories than you eat. When performed correctly, you accumulate a net loss over time, resulting in weight loss to achieve your goal physique.

Think conservatively when working with caloric deficits. If your body's in a deficit that's too large, you may notice some negative consequences, such as feeling sluggish or risking micronutrient deficiencies. The experts at Thrive Family Practice work with you to strike a balance in your routine

How can I achieve weight loss?

At Thrive Family Practice, Trish and the team personalize nutrition and exercise support to your individual needs. They may offer food and exercise options, in addition to helping you keep track of your food choices to ensure you meet your health goals. The team also provides some of the latest clinical solutions to support your weight loss journey.

Semaglutide, a generic form of brands like Ozempic and Wegovy, pairs excellently with diet and exercise to manage your blood sugar and shed excess weight. In addition, Trish and the weight loss experts provide intravenous (IV) solutions to encourage weight loss while supplementing important vitamins, such as B12, which offers positive benefits for your metabolism and nervous system.

The team also recommends methionine inositol choline (MIC) — an excellent IV therapy that helps your body break down fat and supports a healthy liver.

Should I get blood work before losing weight?

It's an excellent idea to receive blood work before any major health changes so you can stay informed about your body. The experts at Thrive Family Practice can perform blood work at the clinic, eliminating your need to seek external services and streamlining your weight loss process.

At Thrive Family Practice, Trish and the team perform complimentary blood work twice a year as a part of your weight loss services package. During your journey, they monitor your results and watch for any potential concerns

Schedule a consultation with the weight loss experts today by calling the Land O' Lakes, Florida, office or booking through the website's portal system.